Healing Energies  with 

Kourtney Ann 

Image by Viva Luna Studios
Reiki Treatment

Access the theta brainwave state and replace limiting beliefs and negative patterns with positive thoughts to sustain supportive actions in alignment with your goals.

Intuitive Tarot

Gain a deeper understanding of your life themes and challenge and identify action steps  to progress through barriers holding you back in life.

Reiki Healing

Experience integrated healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Clear out energetic blocks that have been stored in the body, reduce stress levels, and gain clarity.  

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Client Love!

"The reading was totally actionable for me in the sense that I received clear guidance reinforcing intuition around work, parenthood and entrepreneurship. I found it extremely helpful that Kourtney included insights into areas I might be overlooking related to each of those categories, so I can more effectively work on all of my goals without any blind spots."

~Emily Shutt ~

Coach and Founder of Umoya Institue